Starlink antenna installed on the rails of our sailboat Bagabonda

Embarking on a life at sea aboard Bagabonda meant transforming every aspect of our nomadic existence into a version that could survive and thrive on the ocean’s unpredictable canvas. Our liveaboard life meant seeking as many as possible autonomous systems: systems that do not require us to dock.

One of the cornerstones of this transformation was integrating Starlink into our floating habitat.

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Installing lithium batteries onboard sailing vessel Bagabodna - Amel Samtorin

Our sailboat battery upgrade to lithium, and adding much more monitoring is part of our projects in making Bagabonda, our Amel Santorin, as autonomous as we technically can.

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Bagabonda new seating in the cockpit

We’re about to spill the beans on a little secret that has transformed life aboard Bagabonda. You might recall those throw pillows we used to scatter around the cockpit for comfort. Well, let’s say we’ve taken things up a notch, and it’s all thanks to a chance meeting with an upholstery specialist during our stop in Almerimar.

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