Bagabonda sailing at Sunset

Welcome aboard the Sailing Vessel Bagabonda! We are Koen and Peggy, and this is the story of how two individuals from vastly different professional backgrounds found themselves on an extraordinary journey.

Where the Anchor Drops, the Office Pops

Koen’s Tale:

A seasoned executive with decades of experience, Koen Blanquart‘s career led him through the bustling streets of New York City, where the relentless pace of the corporate world often felt like a never-ending rat race. But amidst the chaos, Koen discovered a yearning for a life where adventure, travel, photography, writing, and even scuba diving could take center stage. He sought a way to harmonize his successful career with these passions, leading him down the path of a digital nomad.

Koen’s Journey:

During this nomadic exploration, Koen found a unique solution to satiate his wanderlust. Instead of being tied to a particular location, he realized that sailing could offer a sense of ‘home’ while still allowing him to explore the world. Thus, the idea of a life aboard the sailing vessel Bagabonda was born.

Peggy’s Perspective:

On the other hand, Peggy had spent years working tirelessly in the demanding field of law enforcement. Her escape from the rigors of the job came in the form of backpacking and traveling whenever she could steal a moment away. Her adventurous spirit yearned for more extended journeys, and she dreamt of exploring the world at her own pace.

Together We Sail:

Fate brought Koen and Peggy together, igniting a shared passion for a life of exploration and adventure. They embarked on a remarkable journey that would blend Koen’s career with Peggy’s quest for global exploration. Together, they set sail on Bagabonda, a vessel that would become their floating sanctuary, office, and home.

Bagabonda : Our Amel Santorin Sloop

Bagabonda Sailing vessel at anchor in Cabrera (Spain)

Bagabonda isn’t your average sailing vessel; she’s an Amel Santorin Sloop, the heart and soul of our extraordinary journey. Let’s dive into the essence of this remarkable vessel that has become our trusted companion and gateway to thrilling adventures.

A Marvelous Amel Santorin Sloop:

Bagabonda is a shining example of the Amel Santorin, a celebrated vessel among cruising enthusiasts. As an Amel Santorin Sloop, she beautifully combines elegance and functionality, making her a versatile and seaworthy choice for long-distance voyages. With a single mast designed for optimal performance, Bagabonda embodies the true spirit of a sloop-rigged sailboat.

A Comfortable Oasis and Our Home on the Water:

Stepping aboard this Amel Santorin Sloop, you’ll quickly realize that Bagabonda is more than just a means of transportation – she’s our floating oasis and cherished home on the water. Her thoughtfully designed interior offers all the comforts of home, ensuring our well-being as we explore the world’s horizons. From a well-equipped galley where we whip up delicious meals to snug sleeping quarters that provide peaceful rest, Bagabonda ensures our comfort while we embrace life at sea.

Bagabonda isn’t just about leisure; she’s also our mobile office. Thanks to our Starlink internet connectivity, we can stay connected with the world while sailing to the most remote corners of the planet. Our floating workspace allows us to balance our careers with the joys of exploration and adventure.

Efforts to Increase Autonomy

To further enhance our self-sufficiency as liveaboards, we’re committed to upgrading Bagabonda. We’re adding solar panels, extra batteries, and a water desalinator. These enhancements will reduce our dependence on shore resources and enable us to truly live off the grid. It’s all part of our quest for autonomy and sustainability as we continue our journey.

Embracing a Life Where Adventure Knows No Bounds:

Bagabonda allows us to explore new horizons, embrace the unknown, and share our remarkable journey with you. Whether we’re navigating the open sea or anchored in a serene bay, Bagabonda is at the heart of our pursuit of a life filled with travel, exploration, and the pure joy of sailing.

Our Mission:

With Bagabonda as our vessel and the world as our canvas, we invite you to join us on our incredible journey. Our mission is to share the challenges and rewards of our unique lifestyle, offering insights into combining a successful career with the joys of travel. We’ll document our experiences, provide travel tips, and offer glimpses into the nomadic way of life, showcasing the qualities of asynchronous, hybrid, and remote work.

As you explore our blog and social community, we hope you’ll find inspiration, camaraderie, and a shared passion for embracing a life where adventure knows no bounds. Welcome aboard, and let’s set sail on this remarkable journey together.