Sailing Into a New Chapter: The Nomad’s Voyage Beyond the Cloud

Bagabonda Sailing Vessel - Port Grimaud (France)

I bought a sailboat to combine my wanderlust with the desire for a place to fall back on and call home!

As a digital nomad, having lived and worked from anywhere over the past decade, I sometimes struggled with the concept of ‘home.’ We can all joke that my home is where I drop my backpack, but the desire to know where to return to every so often was present.

At the same time, I was afraid that having a home would block me from continuing my discovery of the planet and seeking inspiration by arriving in a new place and culture and meeting new people. And so, over the past months, the idea of buying a sailboat became more and more concrete.

While I have some sailing experience, deciding what type of ship to buy proved to be a challenge. I needed an all-purpose ship. Small enough to be handled by a small crew and large enough that I could live and work there. It had to be sturdy enough for a new skipper like myself to learn – and it had to be an actual blue water vessel, as I don’t want to be limited to the shores.

Fortunately, I have great friends who’ve been here before. And after a conversation with our friend Stefan, we discovered the Amel Santorin. It was made by Henry Amel, who designed ships so that a couple at sea could handle them. I, of course, was familiar with the Amel Super Maramu since the adventures of the most famous sailing channel, Delos, are happening on one of these.

The Santorin is smaller than the Super Maramu, and the model is slightly older. It is, therefore, also more affordable. As the Santorin was the model built by Amel before they started developing the Super Maramu, many of the features of the Super Maramu are also available on the Amel Santorin.

So I started searching all websites with vessels for sale and visiting some ships while traveling in Europe, where most seemed to be located. And I found this well-maintained Santorin in the harbor of Grimaud. It needs many upgrades, as many elements on board date back to its construction in 1991. But I fell in love with her at first sight.

And so, part of the adventures I hope to have in the coming years, might have our new vessel Bagabonda as their background.